How it Started

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I took the concept of time measurements I had in college and printed it on a bottle for the every day person. Whether you are an athlete or business individual, we ALL need to drink more water. Now there is Motivational Bottle®.

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As a former collegiate athlete, my coaches used to tell me that I needed to drink more water. Dragging around a gallon of water and making sure to drink it was not an easy task. I used a marker to add times to my gallon, in hopes that it would motivate me to complete the gallon before practice that afternoon.

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How it Works

On average it is recommended you drink 64oz of water every day. That sounds like a lot, but with my bottle you can do it in increments. We have even added some extra words of motivation to keep you on track!

Start your day by filling up your bottle.
Every hour you should be following the timeline that is indicated right there on your bottle.
Once it is almost empty, you know it is time to fill up again so prepare for refills especially on the go.
Follow the timeline one more time and you got your water in for the day!

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10 Reasons To Drink More Water:

  1. . Water is 75% of your brain.
  2. . Water regulates body temperature during workout.
  3. . Water protects your heart.
  4. . Water helps you burn fat.
  5. . Water keeps your skin looking good.
  6. . Water prevents constipation.
  7. . Water decreases fatigue.
  8. . Water carries oxygen to our cells.
  9. . Water helps flush out toxins.
  10. . Water is the best no-calorie beverage.

Bottle with Timeline

Having a hard time drinking water?

Here are a few tricks to help you get your daily water consumption in.


Infuse any Motivational Bottle with your favorite fruits like Lemons, Limes or Oranges. It ads some flavor to the water, and gives a refreshing feeling to help keep you motivated all day.


Use your favorite brand of water flavoring. It’s is calorie free and gives you a refreshing taste that you wont get with sodas or fruit drinks.


Set a goal for yourself. If you drink your recomended amount of water reward yourself with something practical that you don’t normally do.

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